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Disruption has transformed the way we live for centuries. What happens when you connect 2 wheels with a frame and a chain? You get a bicycle and a way to disrupt walking.

This is how disruption works – things and people are connected in novel ways with sometimes surprising and often transformational consequences. Technology is the great enabler of the process, harnessing science and producing vast amounts of data along the way, eventually disrupting entire traditional industries.

Never before have we had so much technology at our disposal. Never before have we had so much potential to disrupt for the benefit of people.


  • Panel discussion on EY megatrends 
    with crowdsourcing

  • Awarding top disruptors in the community

  • Joining contemporary entertainment with the traditional

  • Videos on disruption in industries

Disruption in Action activities:

  • Networking on swings

  • Bike orchestra

  • Alexa and Ruben’s tube

  • Oversized bowling

  • Space launch


Networking on swings​

  • People are seated on swings with a headset.

  • When the conversation starts, a person doesn’t know who they are talking to.

  • Each "speed dating" session lasts 1 minute.

  • After the minute is up the line is switched to another person randomly.

​Bike orchestra

  • 2 bikes & 2 podiums are connected to projectors and a sound system.

  • Each bike runs 1 musical instrument and a screen.

  • Only when all bikes and podiums are used at the same time can the entire song be heard.

Alexa and Ruben’s tube

  • Control the antique physics apparatus by asking Alexa to play different songs.

  • See a representation of sound waves.

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