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I have spent more than 10 years in a professional setting. Working for companies of all shapes and sizes in global hubs such as London, New York and Dubai.


Along the way, I successfully adapted the skills I learned in luxury fashion to the nonprofit sector, navigated a move to the financial services industry, and finally to the brand and marketing team of a Big Four accounting firm. 


I was always passionate about style but only after joining the corporate world did I start to fully appreciate the importance of my professional image. I had to work 100 times harder in a dress code environment to get noticed for the right reasons while still maintaining my individuality.


I reinvented myself over and over again, adapting my personal style and behavior to the constraints of the different industries. I learned some tough lessons along the way and ultimately establishing myself as a career chameleon and an expert in transitions.

Lemmiki Ehatamm Corporate Image Consulta

Now, as a Certified Corporate Image Consultant, I work with professional women who are looking to take the next step in their careers but feel that their image is holding them back. Sharing my expertise and helping them shape their professional lives is my passion and what drives me day to day.

Styling tips by Lemmiki Ehatmm Corporate Image Consultant in Dubai
Personal stylist Lemmiki Ehatamm demonstarting how to wear a gold handbag
Personal style by Lemmiki Ehatamm Image Consultant in Dubai
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